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The Bolivar brand was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century, about the year 1902 by the Rocha Company, with a factory that used to operate in Havana, the Cuban capital city.

The brand was named after the great hero Simon Bolivar, also known as “El Libertador”, the man that set free the northern part of South America from the Spanish domination and obtained the independence of states like Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, today’s Bolivia and Columbia. The name has determined the Spanish government to forbid its commercialization on the Spanish territory for more than one hundred years.

This brand, that has now become one of the most appreciated products in the market, is especially known for the strength and the intensity of the rolls of tobacco it releases.

Whether produced in limited or unlimited edition the Bolivar Cuban always live up to their name, being bearers of a great quality. Names like Belicosos Finos or Petit Corona, Corona Gigante, Bonitas, the Tubos and the list could easily continue, are standards against which all the other cigar producers must compare their releases and face their competition.

The strong points of the brand are the impressive construction and texture, the complexity of flavors and the ingenuous ways they are mixed in, always obtaining unique results. Also they are highly appreciated for the strength: nobody would recommend a Bolivar to a novice, although Bolivar was the brand that released the smallest cigar to exist on the market, The Delgado.