Acute coronary syndrome-the latest updates for unstable angina

The basic pathology for the acute coronary syndrome is similar. However, the damage of the cardiac tissue is one of the most important things that are making the different categories in it. Hence, when it comes to the unstable angina, differentiating it from the non ST segment elevation MI is very important. Most of the time when the patient is showing up with the classical symptoms of angina then with the routine treatment with the sublingual nitroglycerine will not do any good. Hence, it will rule out that the patient is having either unstable angina or MI.


Are invasive methods good for treating the patients suffering from acute coronary syndrome?

In most of the cardiology setups for treating the patients with ACS or acute coronary syndrome include the several steps, and for most of these patients, treating their problem with medications is indicated firstly. There is the less proportion of the patients that are selected for the use of PCI or CABG, etc, yet these invasive techniques are not preferred. In most of these invasive techniques, the results are quite good, yet these techniques are not economical. In western countries, these techniques can be affordable with the help of health insurance; however, in the Eastern and developing countries, undergoing these procedures is not easier. According to the research done in New Orleans, the American heart association has approved that using the invasive treatment for all the patients suffering from ACS will good option and will prevent the huge proportion of the patients from the recurrence of ACS.


Are small case stent placing is better in PCI?

There are different types of stents present when it comes for making the choice about it. However, when it comes for the presence of the different series in the use of PCI, there are many options that are making the good progress for it. On the other hand, there is also the option available for placing the stent which is longitudinal and this will make the good choice for many people who are looking out for them. There are great many applications for the these longitudinal stents as these will make the long segments of the coronary arteries to be dilated ones, while on the other hand, the report in “EuroIntervention” has shown that the further stinting through already placed stents can be done.


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Cialis, BPH and erectile dysfunction- FDA proposals

There are many conditions that are associated with the treatments of erectile dysfunction. Viagra OnlineWhen it comes to the interactions of the different medical treatments that are present for the erectile dysfunction, the name of Cialis is one of the prominent one. Not only the treatment for this condition is in association with the treatment for the other diseases, the use of Cialis has been widely accepted by the FDA. However, there is the deal contradiction for the number of times for which the drug can be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Hence, in some instances, the use of Cialis can be done for 4 times in one month, while in other conditions, the use of Cialis has been proposed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for 8 times in one month. These different approaches are done because of the different circumstances through which the people are passing.


Does Air quality have something to do with MI?

When the topic of ACS has been put forward to any of the medical student or specialist, there is only thing that will come to their mind. It include the disruption of the athermanous plaque and when it does, there is the formation of the obstruction in the coronary vessels which is the leading cause of MI. Most of the time, the risk factors which are put forward by the analyst include smoking, high fat diet and many more. Yet there is another research which shows that the air quality also plays its role in the induction of the MI. According to the researchers, when there is the heavy air pollution present, there is the induction of the MI, which will cause the short term risk for MI.