Does Air quality have something to do with MI?

When the topic of ACS has been put forward to any of the medical student or specialist, there is only thing that will come to their mind. It include the disruption of the athermanous plaque and when it does, there is the formation of the obstruction in the coronary vessels which is the leading cause of MI. Most of the time, the risk factors which are put forward by the analyst include smoking, high fat diet and many more. Yet there is another research which shows that the air quality also plays its role in the induction of the MI. According to the researchers, when there is the heavy air pollution present, there is the induction of the MI, which will cause the short term risk for MI.

According to BMJ, the presence of 10 microgram per cubic meter of small particles that are present in the air, there is the increased risk of MI to be 1.2% and when it does, people who are already predisposed to the ACS and the high risk patients, there are quite heavy chances that these people will get the attack of ACS, and present to the hospital. However, when there is the increased amount of heavy metal present in the air, there are also the chances that these will cause the other diseases, but the rate of causing the heart attacks will be higher. The reason is that the increased effects on the vessels, and when these are present in these, there will be the increased coagulation of the blood to the already present lesions in the vessels.

On the other hand, the presence of NO2, there will also be the chances for the displacement of the certain materials that are present in the body which will further induce the chances of the people having the MI. According to the MINAP, there are 79, 288 patients that are admitted to the hospitals, and when the research was to them, more than 37% of these cases were induced through the heavy air pollution that included the humidity, NO2, RSV, and many more. All of these factors are present for the controlling of the different other things, while at the same time; preventing oneself will also reduce the chances of having the MI. Particulate matter and the other pollutants are hence thought to be one of the most important ones for the induction of MI.