Cialis, BPH and erectile dysfunction- FDA proposals

There are many conditions that are associated with the treatments of erectile dysfunction. When it comes to the interactions of the different medical treatments that are present for the erectile dysfunction, the name of Cialis is one of the prominent one. Not only the treatment for this condition is in association with the tretment for the other diseases, the use of Cialis has been widely accepted by the FDA. However, there is the deal contradiction for the number of times for which the drug can be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Hence, in some instances, the use of Cialis can be done for 4 times in one month, while in other conditions, the use of Cialis has been proposed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for 8 times in one month. These different approaches are done because of the different circumstances through which the people are passing.

According to FDA, the use of Cialis should be done for one time in one day; however, according to the certain conditions which are present, the use of the drug can vary. There are some contraindications, however, for the ED and BPH, there are some indications which are put forward by FDA for the use of Cialis, and these indications are three in number. First one being ED itself, second being Signs and symptoms of BPH, and men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and BPH can use Cialis for the control. In other words, the major pathology for the erectile dysfunction can also be treated along with the major chemical markers which are taking toll for this disease in action.

This new protocol that has been introduced by FDA is based on the trial. It was the controlled trial done by FDA and with the use of Placebo, the control group was treated. While the active reagent was only present for the treatment of the patients who were indicated by FDA, hence, the trial done in 1989 men, the results were markedly improved in more than 75% of the patients who were using Cialis once daily. However, there was one warning that was issued by FDA for the use of Cialis. It should not be used with nitrates and Poppers. The reason is that the use of Cialis for erectile dysfunction and using the other drugs will show the possibility of the dropping of blood pressure and inducing syncope which will be fatal. There are also other drugs in the market which can be used for the treating the condition of the erectile dysfunction, for example, Viagra.